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Yellow River Game Ranch

Yellow River Game Ranch

While in the north-eastern suburbs of Atlanta recently, Baby A (now Toddler A!) and I had an afternoon to ourselves. He’d been through a lot of traveling and suit-wearing for funerals, so I wanted to treat him to a fun activity. I googled and yahoo’d and nothing was striking me as super fun for my one-year-old. Then, Bobby told me about a game ranch he’d been to on a field trip as a youngster. Aha! That was the ticket!

My toddler adores animals, especially ones he can pet. So we headed to the Yellow River Game Ranch for the afternoon. This wilderness wonder is located in Lilburn, Georgia. Although it was still hot in September when we went, the ranch is all in the woods so there is plenty of coverage from the sun. On a mile-long wooded trail, we saw tons of cute and exciting animals!

toddler and goats

There were coyotes, foxes, deer, buffalo, bunnies, peacocks roaming free, the friendliest squirrels ever, and even bears. We were able to walk right up and feed and pet many of the animals including donkeys, sheep, goats, and llamas. Others were in cages that had shoots you could send food down into the cage through. We gave some nuts to black bears and corn kernels and seeds to countless others.

baby and donkey at yellow river game ranch

llamas at yellow river game ranch

yellow River Game Ranch

toddler and pig at yellow river game ranch

buffalo at yellow River Game Ranch

You can find more information about Yellow River Game Ranch on their website.

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