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Six Flags Over Georgia – Hustle!

Six Flags Over Georgia – Hustle!

A couple years ago, we had the most successful theme park day EVER. We arrived extra early, had fanny packs with essential items, and wore ubiquitous neon clothes with sneakers and hats for sun protection.

We were half joking, but half totally serious with our get-ups and our winner takes all attitudes. At the beginning of the day, we jogged to every ride so that we could bypass all lines. And it really worked! It was also a weekday, which meant the crowds were lighter. And we planned to go before kids got out of school for summer vacation. So it was a perfect storm for theme park awesomeness.

Of course, I got nauseous by the end of the day from all the upside down twists and turns and running in the blazing sun, so we ended our day before the park closed. But it was definitely the best Six Flags experience I’ve ever had.

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