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Pensacola Dog Beach

Pensacola Dog Beach

Our dog Oskar loves to swim. I mean he really loves it. When he was a puppy, I took him to the beach for the first time. As soon as I took his leash off when we stepped onto the sand, he took off in a full sprint and chased a seagull into the Long Island Sound. It was so natural to him to leap into the water and start paddling out. Ever since then, I’ve tried to treat him to beach trips as much as possible.

But Oskar isn’t one of those dogs that can go off leash safely. He will chase a cat or even a bug right into the street if left to his own devices. And he is a curious wanderer. I am terrified of losing him. For that reason, we made a really long leash to bring him to the beach with, allowing him to swim and sprint on the beach with more freedom. But the leash gets heavy and it’s a hassle.

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So when we found that Pensacola, Florida had a dog park on a beach, we were interested. We took Oskar on a vacation with us for a long weekend, and stopped at the dog beach on the way back. It was amazing! It was a well-maintained dog park with a washing station, water fountains for dogs, and covered areas for shade. Yet it was on the bay! So the fence jutted out into the water so you could feel secure that your dog couldn’t get lost. One dog did swim out pretty far past the fence line, and someone had to go swim and retrieve him before he got too tired and not able to get back. But most dogs just frolicked near the beach line.

Needless to say, Oskar was in heaven on earth, and we had a great time watching him have so much fun. We definitely recommend this dog park for fellow traveling dog lovers!

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