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Our Top 5 Babymoon Destination Ideas

Our Top 5 Babymoon Destination Ideas

So there is this fad called “babymoons” that I’ve only heard about in the last year or so. Usually we don’t feel the need to jump on the bandwagon of a new trend, but this one is too good and makes sense. It is basically the idea of taking a second honeymoon with your significant other before your lives change and your family size increases with the addition of a new baby.

We have been talking about a babymoon ever since that magical pink stripe appeared on the test stick. So of course we’ve come up with a hundred ideas of where to go, then whittled down the list to our top picks. At first, we both knew for sure we wanted a tropical, sunny, sit-by-the-pool kind of vacation. However, with the threat of Zika virus, we decided to stay more northern instead.

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona

When I was in middle school, my family took a trip to see the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately, there was a freak snow storm that April while we were visiting, and it was a total white-out and we couldn’t see a thing! We did get to check out Sedona and see all the cool red rocks. I would love to visit again now as an adult and maybe do a hike or a Jeep tour of the awesome rocky landscape. I’d like to actually see that dang canyon, too.


Between the Parks – Montana

Montana has been on our radar for some time now. It seems like a completely gorgeous part of our country. I would love to frolic with some animals in fields, drive through the countryside, and visit the national parks. From my research, there are also a lot of places to kayak, which is right up our alley.

Lake Placid, New York

While this is normally a winter destination, I’m sure it must be beautiful (and maybe less expensive?) during the spring. How romantic and relaxing it would be to stay in a log cabin on a lake for our babymoon! And I love the village of Lake Placid, with its quaint and earthy shops.

San Francisco

San Francisco, California

One of my best friends lives in California, so selfishly I chose this spot to not only sightsee and be a tourist, but also to visit my gal pal! Bobby hasn’t been, so it would be a grand adventure to take in the city together. Plus my pregnant self is jonesing for some chowder in a bread bowl at the seaport.

Denver, Colorado

This is another place in America that just begs to be explored. Some of our friends just moved back to Colorado and I keep seeing their photos of hiking trips with their baby and it looks so great!

Guess what? We aren’t going to any of our top picks. Reality set in as time went on – we don’t have the funds and I don’t have the vacation time (because I only get 6 weeks off for maternity leave and will only be paid for days I had accrued for sick and vacation leave) to embark on any of our grand travel ideas. So, our actual babymoon will be coming up in a few weeks and we are…….drumroll please…….taking a road trip!

My cousin’s wedding is taking place in a few weeks in Raleigh, North Carolina, so we are going to drive there by way of Atlanta to visit family. Then, we are either going to travel down the east coast and over the gulf coast back home, OR go back westward and stop in Asheville, NC and then Nashville, Tennessee, then back south. We’re leaving our plans a little up in the air so that we can see where the wind (and the road) takes us. We will report back with lots of photos and travel suggestions for wherever we end up!

Have any babymoon ideas of your own? Please share!


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