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Our Super Fun Country Zoo Wedding

Our Super Fun Country Zoo Wedding

Wedding Dance Groom

If you’re judging by the title of this post, you may be confused by what our wedding theme was. I had a distinct vision in mind and did all of the planning and decorating with the help of my mom. Originally, my heart was set on holding our nuptials in the country farming town where my grandparents live — I envisioned a barn decked out in twinkly lights, with a bluegrass band and lots of fun dancing and kids running around chasing fireflies under the moonlight. Logistically, it wasn’t going to happen. Even when I found a couple of great venue options, I realized that the town was way too difficult for people to get to. Luckily, I found an amazing Louisiana country feel right here in New Orleans by way of the Swamp Exhibit at the Audubon Zoo.


Once I had the venue picked, my next thought was what the vibe of the wedding should be. I wanted it to be fairly casual and tons of fun. I hoped people would dance and eat good food that wasn’t too fancy or stuffy, drink what they wanted, have multiple other forms of entertainment, and just have fun! I pulled this off with a buffet, an amazing band, animal exhibits at the venue of course, an oyster shucking station, cigars being served outside, and a photo booth. And all the decor had a down home, DIY feel to it and we saved money by sourcing it all ourselves.

Unique Photobooth Backdrop

BUT before I did any of this planning and envisioning, I gathered my best gals and asked them to be my bridesmaids. And then I dashed to Trashy Diva, a retro inspired boutique here in New Orleans, and picked the lovely floral print bridesmaid dresses. That quick decision set the tone for the look and feel of the whole reception. I didn’t want a retro theme, but I did love the happy, bright colors and playful style. The groomsmen received pocket squares in the same pattern as the girls’ dresses. Since they didn’t wear jackets (so their cute suspenders would show), the pocket squares poked out of their back pants pockets.

Trashy Diva Retro Floral Bridesmaid DressesGroomsmen in Suspenders

I managed to still tie in a little bit of my love for retro style by using a family heirloom quilt as our photobooth backdrop and by using family wedding photos on our cake table. A lot of friends who got married after us asked if they could copy our cake table idea. We had a long table filled with simple, small cakes, and used our parents and grandparents’ wedding cake toppers on each with a photo of their wedding day beside it. It was really special to pay homage to all the love stories in our families. It also created another area of interest to amuse our wedding guests.

Multiple Wedding Cakes Cake Table

And of course, no New Orleans wedding would be complete without a second line. We danced and grooved our way right out to the parking lot to end the best night EVER.
New Orleans Wedding Second Line

Enjoy the photos and also check out our wedding video if you feel like it.

Photography by Sarah Mattix Photography. Video by Studio Vieux Carre.