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Our Babymoon Roadtrip

Our Babymoon Roadtrip

Okay, so our Babymoon didn’t pan out quite as we had planned. First, we had to scrap the idea of a tropical vacation due to the Zika risk. Then, we had limited days off before my maternity leave to actually be on a road trip, so we had to cut out some stops. In the end, we still had a great time and that’s what counts!

Our road trip consisted of us going to Atlanta, Raleigh, and Wilmington. Wilmington was our main destination since we had always wanted to see what this beach town was like. Maybe it would have potential as a future home for us?

First Stop: Atlanta

This was a stop to see family. And of course, Buster the family dog.

Second Stop: Raleigh Durham, North Carolina

This Stop was on our list so that we could attend my cousin’s wedding. We stayed at a great Residence Inn so that we could have our dog Oskar with us. The room was spacious and there were lots of paths for walking the dog. We enjoyed checking out some restaurants nearby. The wedding venue was especially cool – it was at a huge barn behind a BBQ joint. Set next to a lake, there was also beautiful outdoor space in addition to the amazing rustic barn interiors.

Stop Three: Wilmington, North Carolina

Oskar better enjoy sharing the bed while it lasts. He’s in for a rude awakening when the baby arrives!

Wilmington was great.

Stop Four: South of the Border

I just really had to see what this place was about. What a trip! It feels abandoned, yet the souvenir shops are all open and employed. The whole story behind it is quite racist and absurd, but I am a sucker for giant tacky figurines like the gorilla. They make for great photo oops!

My cheeriness at arriving at this Mecca of kitsch and tackiness took a nose dive when I bought my little souvenir magnet. The cashier insisted that I must be having twins and I had to be mistaken to think I am only having one baby. I know people don’t mean any harm when they say these comments about how huge I am. When you hear it every day for 4 months, however, you start to want to slap the next person to comment on your size. I get it people.
Something I hadn’t foreseen, while daydreaming of the Babymoon upon first seeing the two blue lines on my pregnancy stick, was how huge and uncomfortable I would be by this stage in the pregnancy. Wow. It wasn’t fun sitting in the car (and doctors ordered me to walk around every couple hours) for long periods of time. And usually I like to pack my cutest outfits and feel pulled together and confident while on vacation. When you’re tired and feeling yucky and huge, that’s kind of hard to do. So I’m not too thrilled with any photos of me from this trip. But hey, it is what it is and the fact that I get to have a baby is a miracle and a blessing so who cares how I looked?!? And it’s fun to have these photos to look back on to remember what it was like to be 8 months pregnant with my first child. If you’re planning your own Babymoon, make sure to keep in mind your need to be comfortable and your inability to take part in activities you normally would enjoy. The trip should be relaxing and not too taxing.

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  • My in-laws were kind enough to come stay with the boys, and Chris and I took a whirlwind trip up to Indiana. There are lots of shops and restaurants inside the resort, and our room overlooked an atrium which was so pretty.

    • That sounds great! I hope my parents will be okay with watching our child(-ren in the future?) so we can take couple getaways every once in a blue moon :)

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