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Our BabyMoon Road Trip – Planning

Our BabyMoon Road Trip – Planning

Raleigh Trip on Roadtrippers

I’m so excited!

We finally booked our hotels and planned our route for our upcoming Babymoon Road Trip! I used the website RoadTrippers to sort out the best route and to find fun stops along the way.

As you can see above, we are going up to Atlanta, then to Raleigh, North Carolina, then to Wilmington, North Carolina, back to Atlanta, and home again to New Orleans. The reason for the multiple Atlanta stops is to spend time with our family that lives there. They haven’t seen me with a big belly so that means we are overdue for a visit.

I am looking forward to checking out this “offbeat roadside attraction” called South of the Border (see item #4 on the map above). I love all things kitsch, and when it comes to tourist attractions I think the tackier the better. So this seems to be a rest stop along our route with souvenirs and big colorful signs and a bit of a weird 1950s ghost-town vibe. It sounds great.

And of course we have to hit up a beach town and get our swim on, especially since we’ll be bringing our dog Oskar. That is where Wilmington comes in. We are staying at a motel on Carolina Beach so that we can be close to the water and a fun boardwalk with ice cream shops and the like. I seriously can’t wait!

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  • Road trips can be good bets for babymooners because you’ll save money on a flight and will have the peace of mind of being relatively close to home should you need to return on a dime. Try not to drive more than five or six hours, take frequent breaks to boost your blood flow, and pack plenty of healthy snacks and drinks.

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