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Gotta Get the Gear: Baby Carriers Review

Gotta Get the Gear: Baby Carriers Review

Infantino Baby Carrier 4 in 1When I was pregnant, I envisioned my future self as a hippie kind of mom, carrying my little one in a funky sling while he dozed happily on my chest all day. Without doing much research, much to the husband’s dismay, I put a wrap carrier in a gorgeous bright blue on my registry because I thought it looked great.

Six months into mommyhood, I’ve now gone through three different types of baby pouches. Let me tell you what I’ve experienced and my conclusions about these suckers.

The Boba Wrap

I chose the Boba wrap because of name recognition and the array of vivid colors available. AKA not the most logical reasons.


  • Once you learn how to tie the wrap properly, it comes easily.
  • Your newborn is not exposed to people at all in public places because he/she is covered up so well
  • Variety of colors to choose from
  • Although the product only comes with instructions for 4 baby positions, a quick YouTube search will provide you with a variety of other holds that you can try. Note: these are holds that moms came up with and could potentially be unsafe or bad for your baby’s development if used for lengths of time
  • My baby liked this wrap when he was very young and small. He would fall asleep curled up in the newborn hold. He also enjoyed it for a couple of weeks when he could first sit in the legs out position facing in.


  • In the summertime, my baby and I would be drenched in sweat after wearing this. We live in the south and this material is thick and there is a lot of it all wrapped around you snugly. Overheating is no good.
  • After the early newborn phase, my baby never really liked the wrap very much, excluding a brief two week period when he didn’t scream when I put him in it.
  • The extra holds that you find on YouTube aren’t tested and therefore could be dangerous or harmful on your baby’s body.
  • Expensive
  • If you don’t have the wrap tied correctly, there isn’t enough support. Many times I ended up supporting my baby’s bottom with one arm throughout our walks so he wouldn’t keep sagging lower and lower down my body.
  • Now that my baby is 20 pounds, the fabric can’t hold his weight up for very long before it all starts to sag down.

Ergo 3-in-1 Carrier

Ergo 3-in-1 Infant Carrier

I asked for this carrier on my registry and a generous friend bought it for us. We have the sporty, breathable carrier. I didn’t realize until a recent trip to Target that these are on the pricier side of the range of carriers. My main reason for choosing this was because I thought my husband would be willing to wear it, too.


  • Of my three carriers, this is the easiest on my body. I can tell that it is keeping my back from bearing all of the weight of my baby boy.
  • The fabric is breathable, as it claims. This is ideal for hot New Orleans summers! And springs..and falls…and winters.
  • My husband hasn’t worn it yet, but I do believe it is masculine enough and large enough that he will be willing to if we take it on a hike or something and I get tired.
  • Easy to put on.
  • Easy to slide the baby into.


  • On the more expensive side of 3-in-1 carriers
  • If you’re shopping around, you’ll probably know this already, but 3-in-1 means that you can NOT carry your child forward-facing on your chest. You have to get the Ergo 4-in-1 for that, which is more expensive.

Infantino 4-in-1 Carrier

When baby A started getting antsy and fussy in the Ergo, I realized I needed to get a forward-facing option. Now, he can go on short walks with me and get to experience every sight and sound, up close and personal. I imagine he feels like a grown person, leading the pack on an adventure, every time we walk the dog around our neighborhood.

  • When I went to Target to pick out a forward carrier, I was shocked how expensive the Ergo 4-in-1’s were. This carrier was over $100 cheaper!
  • My baby loves going in the forward position.
  • The facing-in position on the chest seems comfortable for my son as well.
  • Only $30


  • I had trouble putting my baby into the carrier at first. I was using the leg straps and it was very difficult to squeeze his legs in. However, once your baby is big enough, you don’t have to use these. These are extra straps, not the normal ones that contain your babies legs in the proper position.
  • My back does start to ache after wearing this for anything more than a short walk. I’m told that you shouldn’t wear your baby in this position very much anyway, so we are sticking to shorter excursions.


Now that I am a *seasoned* mother of 6+ months (ha!), I prefer the Infantino. My baby loves to look forward while kangaroo-ing, and I can easily switch him to face inward if our walk goes longer or he starts to get sleepy. For the price, this carrier does just what it needs. I can throw it in the car and have it for grocery store runs, or go on exciting nature walks to let my little man explore.
However, I will give props to Ergo for being the most comfortable. I would suggest the 4-in-1 if you’re going to invest in this brand. That way you won’t have to buy an additional carrier like me. Although I didn’t have great luck with the Boba Wrap, I know many women live for their cloth wraps. If your baby doesn’t mind being in it, it is a great option to keep your newborn baby close to you and not exposed to as many germs in public places.

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  • Please refer to the User’s Manual of the carrier you buy to learn how to best keep baby positioned well and safe. We really paid attention to which positions baby favored, and if baby fell asleep, were they able to stay asleep comfortably?

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