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Free Fun: Tot Time in Atlanta

Free Fun: Tot Time in Atlanta

Our family recently traveled to Atlanta to meet our new baby nephew. After arriving at Hartsfield International Airport, we decided to waste some of our free time in Atlanta. We ended up in Atlantic Station, where fate should have it that there was a free toddler playground set up.

Tot Time Atlanta

We saw the turf of the square in Atlantic Station was speckled with little play houses and fun toy ride-on cars. Bubbles were blowing from machines on each corner and about 50 children and their parents were having fun playing and talking. The children were toddler age, so Baby A was on the young side. But seeing the other kids walking and crawling seemed to encourage him. He popped right up and cruised along the side of a playhouse filled with little boys. It was like a cute little frat house with all their babbling and laughing.

Tot Time in Atlanta

If I lived in Atlanta, I would definitely come to this free Tot Time every Tuesday morning to let my son interact with other children, have free reign over a much bigger space than we have in any room in our house, and to meet other moms. It’s not always easy to have a social life when you’re a new mother, so I would love to have this kind of weekly activity to get to know other moms with kids the same age as mine.


After our fun playtime, we ate at Rosa Mexicana on one side of the park’s perimeter. They have delicious tableside made guacamole. It was a splurge for us, but we were on vacation after all!

Tot Time in Atlanta

And finally, to continue vacation mode, we treated ourselves to Starbucks down the road. Happy day! We did¬†not¬†order Unicorn Frappucino’s.

coffee with Dad in Atlanta

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