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First Birthday Doljanchi and Doljabi

First Birthday Doljanchi and Doljabi

As you read about in my last post, we recently threw our baby’s first birthday party at the beach. While it was tons of fun to plan all of the beach-themed food, decor, and entertainment, the most special part of his celebration was the injection of Korean traditions. The photos below are by my talented sister-in-law. You can find her photography and early childhood education work at

Bobby’s mother is from Korea, so she advised me on all of the first birthday traditions. She also generously bought Baby A’s first hanbok and all of its accessories. Towards the latter half of the party, Bobby, our mothers, and I brought the baby into a bedroom to ceremoniously change him into his hanbok.

Getting Dressed in a Hanbok

Getting Dressed in a Hanbok

Hanbok socks

The traditional Korean outfit is stunning. There are exquisite details and ornate patterns and fabrics. Although the pink was a bit feminine, Baby A rocked it!

After our guests oohed and aahed over the cuteness of the outfit change, we began the doljabi game. I had done a lot of preparation for this game. The Doljabi is a tradition where the child is placed in front of various items or objects (Usually 6 – 8 items). Then, the child grabs an item from the set of objects where each choice represents a certain future of the child with respect to his or her career or a lifestyle. Bobby and I thought long and hard about what objects to choose to represent different career paths. At one point, he joked that we should just buy 6 different colored stethoscopes to ensure he will become a doctor. Ha! Of course, we would never push our boy like that, but it was a funny idea.

After hours poring over Doljanchi blogs and toys on Amazon, we finally came up with six items. Next, I designed Raffle tickets and labels to make the Doljabi into a game for all the party guests to partake in. I laid out jars labeled with each of the career paths, and gave everyone two raffle tickets to place their bets. I chose two raffle tickets from the winning career jar and those two people won fun prizes! I love graphic design and using my handy dandy Photoshop, so I had a lot of fun matching the raffle tickets to the party’s overall beach theme.

Doljabi Jar Setup

Doljabi Raffle Tickets

Doljabi Votes are in!

Before presenting Baby A in his hanbok, I announced for people to finish making their votes. Then, we laid the six objects out on a big beach towel and placed him down in the center. Because he loves Pout Pout Fish, I thought for sure he’d crawl to the Pout Pout Fish stuffed animal, which represented Biology. Instead, he made a beeline for the Melissa & Doug paintbrush set! The Doljabi had spoken – our little guy might grow up to be an artist of some sort! Pretty cool.

Doljabi game action shot

Korean doljabi game

I love this photo of everyone getting excited over the game outcome.

Doljanchi guests

Baby A’s halmeoni (grandma) then proceeded to dress him in more variations of the hanbok. She even had a third outfit, but we decided to do a separate photo shoot since it was too hot for him to be in all these layers of clothing for long.

Halmeoni Hanbok Baby Our Half Korean Family

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