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Easy DIY Photo Birthday Banner

Easy DIY Photo Birthday Banner

We have been on a tight budget so far this year since I left my job to stay home with our baby. I really wanted to do something special for my hubby’s birthday, but I had to be creative due to said budget. Instead of showering him with an expensive gift, I had to get creative. I decided to go with the element of surprise instead.

easy DIY photo banner

It wasn’t anything crazy, as Bobby isn’t big on birthdays. I decided that I would get up extra early on his big day and set out a few little gifts throughout our house and in his truck. I bought a cheap little piƱata (similar to this one) and hung it in his bathroom with a big pack of gum. In his truck, I put his favorite pens and candy. And, in our living room, I hung this homemade easy DIY birthday banner.

Luckily, I already had the Canon Selphy photo printer. It easily lets you print right from your phone. So, I downloaded an app called Finger Draw. Like the title alludes to, it lets you draw on your photos with your finger. Swell. I picked my favorite photos of my guys from my phone and drew a letter on each. Together, they spelled out “Happy Birthday”.

After printing, I didn’t rip the tear off edges from the photo paper. Instead, I cut two holes on the top tear off on each photo. Then, I wove craft twine through them to spell out the message. My walls have height and not much width, so I decided to create two banners, one for each word. Finally, I hung the banners on the wall and Voila! I had a fun surprise waiting for my man when he woke up to get ready for work on his birthday.

easy DIY photo banner on mantle

It was an inexpensive and fun way to add something special to his day, and I know he loved seeing the photos of our little guy and him. I decided to save the banner so he can look at the baby photos again for years to come on his birthday.

Send us a link to your photo banner if you decide to make one. I’d love to see what other occasions and cute ideas you use!

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