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A Road Trip from Georgia to Tennessee – Hot Springs, Gliding, and Graceland

A Road Trip from Georgia to Tennessee – Hot Springs, Gliding, and Graceland

The most memorable road trip I’ve ever taken to date has to be when Bobby and I drove from New Orleans to my grandparents’ house in South Georgia then up to Tennessee and back again. We didn’t have any time constraints, so we had the awesome opportunity to stop whenever and wherever our hearts desired.

As we drove East, we thought it would be fun to stretch our legs out in a park of some sort. The signs for Ponce de Leon Springs sounded good enough, so we pulled off the road there to walk the dog. What we found there was much better than any rest stop park. It was a hot springs filled with families having picnics and kids swimming and running around. There were some signs saying no dogs allowed, but we found a private area outside of the main swimming hole and asked the surrounding folks if they would be bothered by our dog. They all said dogs had been there before and it made everything more fun. And don’t worry, he had already done “his business” before we got near the water. Anyway, we had a great time there and before we knew it we were hours later than planned in arriving to our first destination. 

First, we went to my grandparents’ house in Colquitt, Georgia. It was early on in our relationship, so Bobby actually met my grandparents before he met my parents. And then he got to meet my very cool Uncle Lane. Lane is a pilot and loves all things aviation. His favorite hobby at the time was flying glider airplanes, which are planes without engines. On this trip, he let Bobby and I give gliding a go. It was one of the coolest experiences.

Lane went up in the glider with Bobby and then me. A motor airplane tows the glider to get it launched into the air. Then, on Lane’s signal, we pressed a big button that released the tow line; you’re on your own in the sky! It was so cool to look for “thermals”, where the warm air is pushing up and will get your plane higher in the sky for a longer flight. You can usually spot them by watching where the birds are catching air. It was a very zen feeling to be up so high with no airplane noises. I felt like a bird and loved the peacefulness and the views of farmland and woods down below. 

Bobby had a longer flight, so I guess he was the winner of the day. Yes, we are very competitive. I say it was beginners luck though. Some day we will try it again and see who the real victor is.

After landing safely, we celebrated with messing around taking photos of the airplanes and Lane’s hanger. Oskar got in on the fun, too. My grandparents came along, too. My Papa loves airplanes just like his son.

Our next stop was North – Atlanta! Bobby is from outside of Atlanta, so he wanted me to meet his family and best friends. I was nervous, and his Dad slapped my butt when I met him. That actually made me less nervous because it was so inappropriate but hilarious. 

We spent one night in Atlanta at a nice hotel, then a night at Bobby’s parents’ house. We also got to hang out with Bobby’s friend Jonathan and let Oskar run around with his dogs.

Although I’ve been to the suburbs of Atlanta countless times, I haven’t spent much time exploring the city itself. Leave some comments if you have any tips or cool spots to visit!

At last, it was time to journey to our grand finale destination – Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee. I am a lifelong Elvis fan like my mother before me, so Bobby planned this as a special treat for me. What a guy! 

We had a blast at Graceland. Because of MTV cribs and shows like that, I was imagining a ridiculous mansion. But Elvis’ house was more modest than that. However, the decor and the themed rooms did not disappoint.

Since our trip involved the wonders of aviation, we were thrilled to get to continue the theme and check out Elvis’ private planes. His motto and logo for Taking Care of Business on the side of his planes really moved me. 

We couldn’t leave Memphis without going out on Beale Street. It was pretty cool. It reminded me of a smaller, infinitely cleaner Bourbon Street. 

All good things must come to an end, and we had to drive back home to Louisiana after all this road trip fun. I highly suggest taking a trip like this for any couple. We got to know each other well on the long ride and had adventures that we still laugh and talk about all the time. 

Oh, we also ran in fields in the country when our legs got tired of sitting in the car.

What was your best road trip? Do you have any route or roadside attraction suggestions for us?

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