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A Rainy Day in New York City

A Rainy Day in New York City

We went to New York City recently so I could go to my BFF’s bachelorette party. Whoa, I’m such a party girl! The party was fun and I was grateful that Bobby came along to take care of Baby A while I had a night out with the bridesmaid gals and guy.

Even better, our family had an excuse to spend a long weekend together in Manhattan. The bummer? It rained and poured pretty much the whole time we were there. My view of the city was pretty much what you see below.

Luckily, I had planned ahead and researched an indoor play area to take Baby A in case of bad weather. We ended up going to City Treehouse ( for a few hours on Saturday. It had a nice playroom for crawling babies, and a huge water table and pretend Treehouse to climb in the older kids room.

Baby A dressed appropriately, knowing it was a bachelorette weekend with the theme of “Send Nudes.”

Bobby played a lot with us, but I caught him being a naughty parent and playing on his phone. There were a lot of nannies with children, and I believe some of them thought I was a nanny also. It was very eye-opening to hear about their experience and see how they interacted with the children under their care.

As with most places in NYC, our hotel room was tiny so we didn’t want to be stuck there too much. We let Baby A play a little bit in there while we settled in and after his naps. He was interested in the land line telephone and in the interesting city sky views.

We quickly realized that we would need baby rain gear in order to get anywhere for meals or touring. We found a nearby Bye Bye Baby to get a universal stroller rain shield and baby raincoat. It was so nice to get out of the rain that I think we stayed in the superstore for close to four hours. Oops! The Mother’s Room was a nice place to feed the baby and take a much-needed body rest for the whole family. Nice and quiet. Thank you baby stores for providing these havens.
After gearing up and resting up, we had a great Korean lunch near our hotel. I found that people watching was the best baby lunch activity to occupy him while we enjoyed our bi bim bap and bulgogi. When Baby A finished eating, we let him face the street in his high chair and he was highly entertained by the scurrying pedestrians of midtown Manhattan.

On our first night, we had a special dinner with just the bride-to-be and her fiancé. It was fun letting them get to know our boy better and having one on one time with the couple. We even let little man stay up late so we could continue the fun back at our hotel lobby, catching up and telling stories while playing with the baby.

The bachelorette party was great. It’s the first time I had a night out since having a baby. It felt good to just be silly with my best friends. My favorite part of the evening was getting our Karaoke on in Koreatown. Our private room was so much fun.

The next day was coincidentally Mother’s Day. I considered my gift from Bobby to be him taking A the night before so I could go out. I never really give him the opportunity to do that for me because I love being home with my family so don’t seek out night outings ever. But this was an exception. Anyway, on Sunday we finally had sunny skies. My only non-damp clothes were a hodgepodge mixture of patterns and I looked like a homeless lunatic – my husbands’ description of my outfit. But I didn’t care. It was nice to get some outdoors time!

Soon after, it was time to head out of the city for a couple of nights on Long Island. Thanks for the fun night out to my gal pals! See you again soon NYC, my old stomping grounds!

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