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A Pleasant Week in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

A Pleasant Week in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

This week, we are staying with my family in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. This town lies halfway between downtown Charleston and the local beaches. It is an idyllic location with beautiful homes, sunshine, gardens, and lots of fun to be had.


Since my husband had to work, Baby A and I came here alone this time. Luckily, we have kept busy busy busy to keep our minds off missing Bobby for another holiday thanks to his career as a firefighter.


Most mornings, we’ve walked to Collective Coffee, outside of the I’on┬ásubdivision, for lattes. One day we tried their avocado toast and banana bread. Both were excellent. The baby even tried the avocado toast and give it two very chubby thumbs up.
avocado Toast Baby Hands

While waiting on a very long line at Jestine’s – the famous fried chicken joint – my little man and I visited the beautiful Charleston Fire Department Engine 3 firehouse. It would be pretty great if firefighters could transfer their time on the job to other departments. I would vote that we move here! Judging by Baby A’s smile, he would like that too.

Charleston Fire Department

Charleston Firetruck

We attempted to go on an Easter egg hunt, but missed the fun due to naptime. Luckily, my mother had the most beautiful plastic eggs at her house that we played with instead.

funky Easter eggs

My favorite thing, no matter where I am, is to go for long walks. Baby A and I took a lot through the I’on neighborhood. There are lakes and a beautiful path around the creek, plus the eye candy of Charleston homes to look at. And we passed a lot of dogs going for walks, something we both get excited over.

I'on Fountain

We were able to go out to dinner a few times over the week. I have been craving sushi badly, so I begged my family to help a girl out and bring us to a sushi restaurant. We chose Locals, based on locals’ recommendations. This restaurant has such a fun atmosphere and cool party vibe. We sat in the lounge area. The guys said the seats weren’t comfortable, but I couldn’t help imagining my girlfriends and I having cocktails and sushi and laughing away in this laid back section. Baby A enjoyed crawling around on the couch seating and checking out the ducks in the water behind the outdoor area of the restaurant. And dogs are allowed in the outdoor part of the bar, so we got some good petting time in.

Locals Restaurant Menu Locals Sushi

Another day, we grabbed lunch on Sullivan’s Island. This beach town is one of my favorite places ever. We had a tasty meal at Home Team BBQ. They have a great chalkboard fence around the side that was perfect for photo opp’s.

Home Team BBQ

During one of our many walks, we came across a swingset and playground. It’s so fun to swing and feel like a kid again. I recommend you try it the next time you see a playground.
Swinging in Mt Pleasant

I found a path that winds around the low country marsh that the Ravenel Bridge crosses. That’s the bridge that connects Mt. Pleasant and Charleston. And the bridge that is named after the family of the guy from Southern Charm. So that’s cool. Right? Maybe not. Anyway, I jogged on the 2.5 mile path and loved smelling all the honeysuckle and seeing cute little sitting areas like the one below.

Two Chairs on the Creek Path

At the end of the path, you are in a new neighborhood suddenly. I wandered around trying to navigate my way back to my parents’ house and came across this great Bible quote on a park entryway. The sign read, “Enter through the narrow gates for wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it. Mat. 7:13-14“.

Bible Quote Archway

We still have a few days left here before we head to Atlanta for even more family time. Happy Easter to those who celebrate it!
Mt. Pleasant week

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