An Adventurous Life for the Budgeting Family

Finding Love and Finding Adventure

Finding Love and Finding Adventure

I fell in love with my man quickly and deeply. One of the first nights we hung out together, a coffee chat turned into a search for Banksy graffiti throughout New Orleans. We snuck around the Treme looking for a piece of his work. We probably passed right in front of it 5 times before we realized it was right in front of our parked car, on the wall of a decrepit building. As he placed his hands on my waist to raise me up over a small fence, I felt a surge of thrill and excitement. My heartbeat was racing so intensely that I could feel the thumping in my ears. I could barely comprehend anything he was saying or find my camera in my purse to snap a photo of the artwork.

We parted ways shortly after completing our mission. I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist spending time with him ever again…

Two and a half years later, we don’t go on as many spontaneous adventures.¬†Yet I still feel the thrill of those first nights together every time I see my guy. I giggle when I get into bed with him at night, no matter how exhausting or frustrating my day of work has been, because my stomach fills with butterflies and I’m thankful to have him there with me. Everyday life can be slow and repetitive. We aim to always add those spur of the moment memories whenever possible. When you find someone who makes you feel completely yourself and free, it’s easy to find adventure in your life.

And now we are planning a wedding, a honeymoon trip to Iceland, and eventually a road trip to travel the coastline of America. Our plan is to discover places that will lead us to having a dream goal for where we would like to eventually live. Here we go!